Mind, Body, and Heart

Oh how hard life is. The daily difficult decisions and personal struggles that hold us captive, the emotions that run rampant in our mind and body, and most of all the feeling that we can’t control our circumstance. We try to silence our feelings and diminish their importance because our brain tells us to. Our bodies fight back with pain and restless sleep as a way of sending a message back to our brain. We cannot live in our hearts and we cannot live in our minds, solely they are useless without the other. Healthy minds breed healthy bodies and healthy bodies breed healthy hearts. In return, it is a cycle and if you don’t spend the time to nurture these three parts, you will never move past your current state.

Your mind is in fact controlled by your thoughts and your thoughts are controlled by intention. Intention breeds habits and habits breed change. If you cannot find your way down this path toward change, you will never experience it. Your mind is a complex place where signals are sent in repetition and that repetition creates your personality. If you want to change something about yourself, change the repetition. It’s actually that simple and that difficult all at the same time. Deep down in those times where you wish you could do things differently, there is also a part of you that crawls up into a ball and doesn’t want anything to change because the habits you have are easy, they’re muscle memory. Your mind will help you change in a positive direction if you help create new muscle memory. Stop falling back into old thinking patterns, stop living your day to day with these old habits that are not helping you. You know better, and yet you don’t seek to do better. There is so much information out there at a touch of your finger and yet you sit, you sleep on it, and the days go by as fast as they come.

Our bodies are here for the ride you see, they do what our minds tell them to do. If our mind wants to be in shape enough, we will have it. If our hearts want to love someone enough, we will do everything we can to find them and love them. If we want to be successful enough, our bodies will work hard for that success. This body you own is a tool to care for and shape and it will do whatever you need it to as long as you do your part. Because of all these things, our bodies are the most neglected. We don’t get enough sleep and we don’t eat the foods that give it the right energy, we are constantly dehydrated, we smoke, we drink, we neglect it in every way and yet in the end we blame our bodies for our shortcomings in life.

Your heart is a beautiful muscle that both physically keeps you alive and emotionally gives you reason to stay there. Love, sadness, appreciation, compassion, empathy, and so many more are reasons life can feel so fulfilling. Half of us sit out in the world yearning to feel fulfilled and yet don’t do anything real to find it. We spend our money on ourselves hoping that something new will bring us the happiness we seek, or go on vacation hoping that a new surrounding will fill the empty void that encompasses our heart of hearts, and most of all we avoid other human beings because we are afraid of what their hearts might do to us.

It’s the 21st century and you have everything you need at your disposal and yet you place blame on everything and everyone but yourself. Wake up human beings you are the only one to blame and you are in fact the only one who can solve the dilemma. Look for help, if you don’t know the answer I promise that the internet or someone with a Doctorate degree does. Stop making excuses and use your God given brain, heart, and body to get what you want. The people around you will support your effort but they won’t support your excuses.

Like I said, life is hard. The truth is hard and no one has it all figured out no matter how clean their home or how perfect their Instagram. In the end, all that matters is that you spend your energy on developing yourself and helping those around you. Spend less time dwelling on the negativity. The bad doesn’t go away, but your take on your own life is in your own hands. Make choices already and stop worrying about it. Your brain controls your body and they both control your heart so stop wishing for a miracle girl because you are the only one coming to save the day.

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