Today You Are Enough

It has been a very trying week for me, the universe is definitely trying to see what I'm made of. The good thing is that I am made of a WHOLE LOT.  It has taken me almost thirty years to be able to look straight at all of these things and truly still hold on to my peace. We won't be able to fix the world and make it a peaceful place, we can however, find it within ourselves. The world around us can be a really big b*tch, I mean seriously. You will lose people and at times yourself, you will face illness and money issues, you will fight a daily battle with yourself.  What makes the difference between being a survivor or a victim of these things is whether or not you take the reigns by taking ownership of your mind and emotions about them. Swallowing the fact that throwing the blame toward circumstance is the cheap way out. Rise above or be perpetually swallowed by the current.

I find that there are two different kinds of people in the world, I know you all have been asked whether or not the glass is half full or half empty, but I mean more in the direction of whether or not you take ownership of your thoughts and emotions or project them on to other people. Do you try and see the best in yourself and in others or do you look at the world with a negative veil over it? Is the world always trying to pull you down? The difference between you and the people out there thriving, is the decision to own their thoughts and actions. They know that their circumstance and everything outside of themselves is conquerable or endurable. It's not something you need to prove to yourself, it's something you just need to believe. We have to believe in ourselves or we will spend our lives fighting so many unnecessary battles, it will feel like a never ending uphill struggle. I want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way. The difference between the person next to you that seems to be so secure in themselves and their path is that they believe whole heartedly that they are enough and what they have to give is enough. They don't have special powers or some knowledge you can never obtain, they made a choice. 

This week I need you to work really hard to stop trying to convince yourself of something. Take the cover off your eyes, take the negativity out of your heart and just tell yourself every damn day that YOU ARE ENOUGH. We are all ENOUGH. No matter what goal we conquer there will always be another. No matter how much laundry or cleaning you do, there will always be more. There are infinite books and articles and information, you will never know it all. Sit right where you are and just believe it. Be okay with the now and be okay with the tomorrow. If the hurtle today was too high, work harder for tomorrow. The only person that is responsible for your happiness and sense of self is YOU. No one else is to blame for your situation and frankly it doesn't matter. Have a bad day? Make a poor choice? Let someone else's mood affect your mood? Start again tomorrow, focus on those triggers. When your coworker TRIES to upset you, RISE ABOVE. My best advice is to learn how to LET GO. You feel slighted? So what, RISE ABOVE. Be so good at letting it go that no one can disturb your inner peace, that no one can make you feel less than. OWN your mistakes, because blaming them on your husband or your family member really only makes you the culprit. If you often find yourself reasoning that someone else is to blame or getting mad at others, you ARE the CULPRIT. The bad energy you see around you as you are walking down the road, that's you buddy. 

What do I say to the negative people out there, you aren't a terrible person, YOU ARE HUMAN. So start looking for your triggers. start paying attention to your inner talk. Take ownership just like the rest of us and hey, be nicer. Lets all work on being more forgiving. I know that struggle, if I know any. I hold myself to such a high standard, sometimes I forget that everyone else isn't on the same page or even the same book sometimes and my idea of achievement is not the same as theirs. Acknowledging our shortcomings out loud and sometimes even to ourselves is seriously so empowering. The moment you take ownership of your humanity, you take away it's power to hold you down. No one is perfect and you are no better than your neighbor. Don't let pride take away your ability for humility and growth. Don't try bringing others down with you and if all you can do right now is hold yourself above water, start there. 

Let's all spend more time focused inward and less of our surroundings. Spend a little less time on what your neighbor is doing wrong and a little more on how you can be better. Most of all freaking believe in yourself. You are capable and strong and whoever told you otherwise in the past was a liar and a cheat. They tried cheating you of your power. Let's all stop blaming and dive a little into humanity and into ourselves. We all may be on different paths but we are all searching for our whole selves, for our peace.