Small Beginnings Can Bring Down Mountains

How sad it is that our limitations are created by our own mind. It's disheartening to be around so many people who have been convinced by their very own self and their surroundings that this is all they will ever be and all they can ever have. Life is a difficult journey and becoming is such a tedious task that we aren't given enough tools to fully achieve. When everyone is just doing the best they think they can, it's hard to convince them otherwise. The only person who can change your mind is yourself, so is it a matter of just not wanting to? Is it a matter of being scared they are incapable or just not knowing how? Im sure the answer is different for every single one of us, but I'm truly tired of hearing the why nots. I want to find more people who are changing daily, not only themselves but their world. I want everyone to be a little more willing to get muddy and take responsibility for the way they think and feel because it is within their power to be more, to want more, and to do more. I want humanity to be more about being their best self and less about how it's popular or convenient to be. Going through your day the same way you did yesterday and the day before only perpetuates the same thinking and the same habits. Change starts now and tomorrow and in every action and thought no matter how simple. The small changes, the positive, intentional thinking, those are LIFE CHANGING. Day dreaming and wishful thinking will never change your life or your future.

Create positive intention. I think first it's probably a good idea for you to write down something you want to change. Stop wasting mental and emotional space trying to decide if you can or if it's worth it. It's always worth it and you definitely can. Sit down and take some time to positively meditate about this change everyday. Set that intention and when you are done meditating, go about the rest of your day knowing that it's going to happen. Let's all stop second guessing ourselves. You are as capable as anyone else in this world and if the power lies within you, it is up to you to do everything you can do get there. If something as small (but really huge) as setting positive intention has the power to change your surroundings, why wouldn't you put energy into it? Why would we put it off for tomorrow? We put it off because that's what our brain is used to doing. We are creatures of habit, are we not? Let's change our habits. Let's change our thoughts. Let's change the way we feel. Let's get out of that rut. Stop the negative self talk going on in your brain right now because that is a negative habit to break and that is part of what's holding you down. 

I've spent my whole life working toward the ability to control my thoughts and emotions. When I became so close to it a year or so ago, I realized how much it was both hurting and helping me. I'll start by acknowledging how having a grasp on your emotions is such an important and useful tool in handling life. Not every interaction has to be an emotion filled one, whether it's with your boss or your parents, your husband or your siblings, and most of all yourself. Having the ability to stay cool and on top of your anger, fear, and sorrow can help you overcome them and any situation. Most of these things shouldn't be able to bring us down in the first place. However, when stoic becomes hurtful to your personal growth, like not being able to react to joy or properly to sorrow, we limit our ability to feel. Feeling the good things is a huge part of enjoying life. Feeling and letting go of sorrow is a huge part of moving on. So my goal has changed from not feeling at all, to learning how to feel again without letting it dictate how I react and respond. I can find my positivity now, my real joy, so that I can put that behind my intentions and work for what will fulfill my life and help me sustain real happiness.

What negative habits are you perpetuating that are limiting your growth? Let's be honest with ourselves, making excuses for what we do and how we feel is also a negative habit. If we can't be honest with ourselves, how do we know what needs to change? If you don't think anything is wrong with the way you are thinking then you definitely are not being honest with yourself, we are human and therefore there is always room for growth. No one else's standard for life should be confused as our own, but figuring out what standard we want to hold ourselves accountable to takes real transparency. The easiest thing in the world for someone to do is create excuses for why they can't. The easiest thing in the world is to remain the same. I thought for a decade that I was content with where I was headed and the simple life I had planned, until the burning in my gut grew so big I couldn't smother it with mediocrity any longer. The more you listen to your gut or the small voice in the back of your mind that is telling you something isn't right, the closer you become to being your real self and achieving true fulfillment and happiness. 

Small beginnings can bring down mountains. It's very hard to achieve something grand and beautiful by looking at the big picture before it's been painted. Every work of art is built small sections at a time. Focus on yourself like you are painting a work of art, because in the end that is what you desire to be. Something crafted and chiseled away at until it is the thing that makes you proud. Today is a small but important piece of the whole of your life and it starts with a positive look at where you are headed. Take hold of what is so clearly yours to craft, your thoughts and emotions. 

For those who love and those who need to read. 

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenxa