Cultivating Your Atmosphere

I have about three weeks until my 30th birthday and Im feeling excited about so many things. I have so many plans in the works that are beginning this year and so many old elements in my life that will be coming to a close. Becoming aware is one of many many intentions i’m setting this year and in beginning this decade. The intention is to first create a working space that breeds productivity and creativity, a space that yields happiness in it’s most essential form. Creating an atmosphere is the most important part of building our own happiness and frankly, our sanity. How we perceive our surroundings and ourselves and how we envision our future. How we treat not only ourselves, but the people that live within our sacred space are the key beginnings of gaining control over what lives and breeds there. Accumulating control over our time, space, and emotion is the key to success on every level in every category of life.

The space in which we live and build has been a particular subject that has come up often in conversation with close friends and with myself lately. When a trend or the same subject matter comes up often in different situations within small amounts of time, I try to take a step back and really focus on how this can relate to where I am personally. The universe has a way of trying to get our attention when it comes to flow and times of growth and change. Now I’m not saying this topic has never come up before, it has come up many times throughout my life in small doses meant as advice and it has made large impact on the devil in disguise, but when we move past the large scale evils or being a young adult, our attention needs to shift. What about the little infectious evils that jeopardize our sacred space? What about the corrosive attitudes and conversation we find ourselves in with certain people, because you know there are certain people. These people are our friends and our family, they are our clients and our bosses. They are everywhere. It’s absolutely impossible to get away from them unless you move to a deserted island and even then sometimes when you look in the mirror that corrosive person is you. It is a never ending struggle to stay on the right side of unhealthy in every way and the longer you are conscious of it the more you are granted the ability to control and change your surroundings.

One of the biggest parts of perception happens when you look in the mirror. How you feel about yourself when you are being honest and kind as well as when you are being your harshest critic. We live most of our lives within our own mind and body, so if you think that caring for your mind, body, and emotions isn’t the most important thing we can do with our time on this earth, It’s time you evaluate and take stock. Every day begins and ends inside your head and the in-between it’s constantly being affected by the outside world. It’s important to start with a solid foundation of loving yourself and knowing who you are and where you want to be. Focus on what is important to you so that the world can’t weigh you down and hold you back from the goals that can be so easily forgotten. The daily grind will erode your truth and disarm you. Without finding your unwavering confidence and love for yourself, the world will put so much weight on you that it will seem unbearable. Being true to one’s self is the most freeing ability you can embody. Creating a positive life starts with loving your true identity and cultivating it into a space you feel inspired and safe. The only happiness you should be searching for is buried underneath the pile of shit the world has packed on your shoulders.

Your home is the immediate image that pops into most of our heads when we think of sacred spaces and comfort zones. It should be a space you take plenty of time creating and it should begin with peace and safety. Take the time to envision how you want to feel when you walk into your home. Im not saying how do you want others to perceive or feel in your home, forget about that for a moment. Imagine the kind of air you want to breathe and the emotions that want exposed when you are walking through your sanctuary. If you can imagine it, you can build it. Nothing is outside of your reach as long as you make it a priority and your emotions and well being should always be a priority. When you have the image held in your mind make a short list of what you can add or take away to help you get there. When I look at my home the things that are important to me start with simplicity and comfort. I don’t work well with clutter and I don’t work well with bright colors. These are two immediate things I have removed and in their place I have left empty space for air and creativity to circulate freely. How I treat myself within my home is just as important. Healthy meals, healthy sleep routines, and healthy conversations within your walls begins the next step in developing your atmosphere. If thinking about your home doesn’t bring you joy, please find the time to make changes.

Atmosphere is not only when you are alone and in your comfortable space, but how you feel when you step foot into work Tuesday morning and no one has had their coffee yet. It’s in the air when you go to dinner with your closest friends or talking with your mother on the phone. It is how you feel and the way you perceive and project emotion. Dealing with others is a life long learning experience and it’s different with each encounter you face. We forget often that the world is not our oyster, but everyone’s. Understanding that working with many different kinds of individuals who have different ideals and principles is like walking on a frozen lake and you won’t make it to land until you make it home. You want to make your destination clear with light and sure footed steps.

I would hope we’ve all heard the words ‘you become like the five people you spend the most time with,’ and yet the more we hear this repeated wisdom, the more we tend to disregard. Human nature I suppose, we are often only interested in the new and interesting or the comfortable. It’s more difficult as a younger person I think, to believe that the things that bring us immediate joy might just be the things that are holding us back from the goals we once held close to our consciousness. You might even currently hold goals right in front of your face and not realize that you’re being held in your current space solely because of the friends or even family you are keeping in your atmosphere. As we move through the decades we will gain friends and lose friends, we will move to different cities and we will change. It is an inevitability. What we should be more conscious of is the time we give to others, the friendships we make, and the emotions we allow others to have control over. Every person you allow to have control over these things takes more and more control away from the only person who should maintain the reigns to begin with, you. I know there is at least one person in your top five friends that needs to be reevaluated, whether a work friend or a friend you’ve had your whole life. If you are going to move forward into a realm that brings you daily joy and growth it’s time to look around you at the people closest.

Moving on and out of your current pattern means it’s time to find some alignment with these topics. It is past time we all take a closer look at what and who we let align with our forward momentum. Our mental and emotional well being rests on our ability to cultivate healthy thoughts and healthy relationships. I’m preparing myself for the next decade and hoping to continue creating my life the way I want to live it. Bringing together healthy elements from personal space to friendships, both work related and personal, and the relationship I hold with myself and my future. Gaining control over my time, space, and emotion is the wavelength I’m on and no matter where you are on your journey I hope that you are craving more life and craving a better life.

Tools for your journey

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